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A branding project that smells like a new home

Urbanya is a company specialized in properties, selling, buying and managing them. On one side, it offers real estate services and, on the other side, property management services. They came to us looking for a full-scale project including naming, logo and website, so we immediately got to work.

We started by coming up with the naming Urbanya, up-to-date, with a pleasant sound and those urban traits we were looking for.

Next step was the logo creation. We personalized a geometric typography that was inspired in the central european posters from the 20s and transformed the letter N into an isotope that works also on its own and represents elements related to the company’s area of business such as a house, a door or a lock.

We chose black and red  as the brand’s colors, using red always in small details. We wanted to create an elegant brand that was also young and energetic.

We also designed communication pieces such as stationary, wall signs, labels and other branding elements for the company’s offices, always keeping in mind a minimal look and feel.

The last step was the development of a corporate and informative website, design with a clean aesthetic where images take the lead supported with simple line icons. Thought for every platform and device, a true responsive website.

A branding project made brick by brick.



Europacífico: Edamame

Europacífico: Edamame

Our most eastern packaging

Each country, and, in detail, each market, has its own characteristics that had to be taken into account when launching a products that comes from a different origin. On this project, the goal was to introduce japanese edamame pod in the spanish market taking advantage of the japanese food trend.

As this is a natural product, we opted for a minimal aesthetic in which the main star was the product, the soy pod, on a black canvas, highlighting only its preparation method.

Konnichiwa Spain, we hope you like it.


Talaso: Inedible dates

TALASO: Inedible dates

Exclusive design for unique days

A great variety of communication pieces to charm the most demanding clients.

It is so easy to work when love is in the air, goals are clearly defined and you both get each other with just a glance.  Talaso Atlántico know us very well and we definitely know its needs, so, as could not be otherwise, the romance continues one more year.

On this occasion, we have designed flyers, christmas cards, social media posts, wedding invitations…. a selection of exclusive pieces for a hotel that is always searching for excellence.

Work, confidence, respect, creativity… we are on the right path.


Zelnova: A tu aire Memi

Zelnova: A tu aire Memi

A very sweet charitable project that will take you to childhood

On this occasion, we had the task to design the packaging for a new air freshener with a sweet candy aroma. A Zelnova Zeltia’s product in partnership with Memi, una gota de aire, a charity organization.

What is Memi? Memi could be defined as a collective creative lab that is open to everyone and in which kids are the basis of every creation. Taking kids ideas as a starting point, a group of professionals develop a final artistic project, a product which benefits are completely aimed to Bicos de Papel, an organization that helps children with cancer in Vigo’s Alvaro Cunqueiro Hospital. Our client, Zelnova Zeltia, through its brand A tu Aire, wanted to do its bit by creating a charitable fragrance.

The first step was to decide the fragrance. Zelnova created three different aromas from which to choose from: sugar, creamy and sweet, but making a decision was so hard we had to call the experts, and we have this video to show you the experience.

The winner was Sugar, with a 39% of the vote and it is inspired by the aroma of the classic strawberry lollipop. More than 400 school-aged kids from Vigo tested all of the fragrances. “Kids are the main focus of Memi’s educational project, so, kids had to be the stars in the choosing process” explains Adrian Salgado, Zelnova Zeltia’s marketing manager.

Once chosen the aroma, A tu aire Memi needed a nice outfit so we got to work and designed the packaging.

There was a few elements that we had to take into account while designing the packaging: it had to maintain the brand’s essence and we should integrate Memi’s mascot.

Our inspiration was the aesthetics of retro candy stores and candy bars, we maintained A tu Aire’s topography and package but we added an illustration of Memi’s mascot. The result was a very visual fun packaging that catches the eye of kids and adults.

A very sweet video and packaging.


Yatecomeré: Croquettes Packaging

Yatecomeré: Croquettes Packaging

The most delicious croquettes

A new packaging design that meets the products quality, it wasn’t easy, but we did it.

We had to achieve an outside that was at list as mouth-watering as the inside, we put on our aprons and cooked the recipe as the best of chefs. A delicate eye-catching packaging that stands out in the shelves.

Beautiful on the outside and on the inside, and we also highlighted the amount of prawn contained in every croquette, because it if not said it does not exist.

A tasty and nutritious packaging.


Furancho, a renewed concept

Furancho, a renewed concept

An appetizing web with a touch of innovation

 A new web and communication pieces to convey a new catering concept with a traditional essence.

After several meeting with our client and a profound market research, in which we  analysed the take away sector  and we tried to determined a new location for the venue. That’s how Furancho Galician Food came to life in Ribeira. A take away food business based on high quality products and continuous innovation with traditional Galician recipes.

We developed a new web and communication pieces, highlighting the main changes in the business such as the delivery service and the new menu.

And now… you can seat and enjoy.



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