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Zelnova: A tu aire Memi

A very sweet charitable project that will take you to childhood

zelnova a tu aire diseño logotipo packaging

On this occasion, we had the task to design the packaging for a new air freshener with a sweet candy aroma. A Zelnova Zeltia’s product in partnership with Memi, una gota de aire, a charity organization.

What is Memi? Memi could be defined as a collective creative lab that is open to everyone and in which kids are the basis of every creation. Taking kids ideas as a starting point, a group of professionals develop a final artistic project, a product which benefits are completely aimed to Bicos de Papel, an organization that helps children with cancer in Vigo’s Alvaro Cunqueiro Hospital. Our client, Zelnova Zeltia, through its brand A tu Aire, wanted to do its bit by creating a charitable fragrance.

zelnova a tu aire memi logotipo

The first step was to decide the fragrance. Zelnova created three different aromas from which to choose from: sugar, creamy and sweet, but making a decision was so hard we had to call the experts, and we have this video to show you the experience.

The winner was Sugar, with a 39% of the vote and it is inspired by the aroma of the classic strawberry lollipop. More than 400 school-aged kids from Vigo tested all of the fragrances. “Kids are the main focus of Memi’s educational project, so, kids had to be the stars in the choosing process” explains Adrian Salgado, Zelnova Zeltia’s marketing manager.

Once chosen the aroma, A tu aire Memi needed a nice outfit so we got to work and designed the packaging.

zelnova a tu aire memi moodboard

There was a few elements that we had to take into account while designing the packaging: it had to maintain the brand’s essence and we should integrate Memi’s mascot.

Our inspiration was the aesthetics of retro candy stores and candy bars, we maintained A tu Aire’s topography and package but we added an illustration of Memi’s mascot. The result was a very visual fun packaging that catches the eye of kids and adults.

zelnova a tu aire memi packaging
zelnova a tu aire memi totem cubo
Corazón koolbrand zelnova memi solidario

A very sweet video and packaging.


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