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Congalsa: Catalogue

Congalsa: Catalogue 2019

A home-made flavored catalogue


Congalsa needed to renew and update their product brochure for the catering industry

Integrating all the company’s brands that enclose the whole of the products, their colors and typographies, we created a catalogue in which the product is always the star by using mouth-watering pictures.

A clean and simple design and aesthetics that convey the brand’s values, an straight-forward communication with our target. Moreover, we provided a product organization that encourages interaction with clients.

A modern catalogue with a traditional core




The most delicious pair

To catch everyone’s attention is important to be successful on the supermarket shelve’s. That’s when the 60% of buying decision’s are made.

We know it is difficult to sell a product due to the strong competition, a good packaging design has only 6 seconds to seduce the consumer. That’s the reason why, when the client commission us these packagings, we knew the picture was going to be very important.


We decided to keep the design in line with the brochure we have already designed but bring the barbecue sauce into focus because of its strong personality. The dark red color was also a very important element of the packaging. The mail goal was to convey the American tradition without losing sight of our brand. A serif typography, texture and a mouth-watering picture were key to tempt the consumer.


In the teriyaki chicken wings packaging we use a mustardy yellow shade combined with a saturated green. In this case, the goal was to give it an oriental touch and we did it with a oriental-inspired font, pattern, explanatory copyrighting and a succulent photo.

A very tasty packaging


A tu aire Home

Zelnova: A tu aire Home Fragrance

Scents that care for the enviroment

Refinement and minimalism are the essence Zelnova Zeltia’s new product line, A tu Aire Home Fragrance. Subtle fragrances with a bold touch to charm your home.

Our client, Zelnova Zeltia, came to us with a new task.. launching their new home fragrances line. Six new scents developed by their vest perfumers to suit everyone’s taste: floral, fruity and woody.

The main premise we were given for this project was to design something elegant and minimal, so we started simplifying the brand’s logo and added  a distinguished last name.

This line is compound by three sprays for textile that come with a new shutter mechanism and, three stick fragrances with a reusable holder.

For the packaging, we used black as our main color because it is frecuente identify with elegance and good taste. Moreover, we chose a color for each fragrance that helped the consumer to identify them easily.

But that’s not all, this new line arises from the urge of the company to be more environmentally friendly. The packagings were created with recycled and recyclable materials and, we represented the “compromiso atuaire” atuaire commitment by putting an informative icon on the front and an explanation of the materials used on the side of the box.

And, all of this, has been accompanied by promotional materials that suit the designs.


A packaging design project made to perfume the most elegant homes.


El Nogal, traditional flavour

El Nogal, traditional flavour

Packaging for a big family

We had to develop a neutral but functional packaging that could be used for different type of products without losing the brand’s essence and catching the consumers attention with its appealing design.

El Nogal presented us with the challenge of designing a packaging that could be used for different type of products. We opted for a clean design with a lot of white, in which  the brand’s colors (both shades of green) really stand out, along with the content of the package that is visible through a transparent piece that is shaped in the form of the logo’s tree.

Almonds, peanuts, pistachios… A packaging made for everything and everyone.


Plástico Acha

Plásticos Acha

Sustainable plastics

A logo restyling project, a breath of fresh air for a business that has been around for a while.

Plásticos Acha is a business focused on plastic platters thermoforming processes for the food industry. It stands out for its permanent technical innovation and concern for achieving the best quality in their products.

They landed on the agency with a very special task, to renew the look and feel of their brand, they need to redesign their logo without losing its core identity, and this was the result.

A solid, steady and sturdy logo, thanks to a new typography, Galano Grotesque. A sans serif font based on geometric typography’s from the 20th century that works perfectly on big headlines and long but small texts because of its readability and neutrality.

We kept the blue shade as the brand’s main color to be recognizable to the public while we remove the top line and crossed out the word plásticos (plastics) to let ACHA shine.

Moreover, we added an explanatory copy that clarifies the core of the company and touches upon the sustainability of their products.

A fresh air for an experienced brand that leaves a modern but recognizable logo for the consumer.


Madras Gourmand

Madras Gourmand

Cans full of colors

A fun food packaging designed to stand out in north america’s supermarkets, with typography and color as the main stars.

Recently, a mouth-watering project landed on the agency. Madras Gourmand, an argentine food company, came to us with the task of creating the packaging for their canned sardines new line aimed to the American market.

The first step was to simplify the logo, we removed non-essential elements that made the brand a little fussy.


To follow up, carried out a market research and came to the conclusion that most our USA competitors had an outdated look and feel. Opulent photography, scientific illustration, classic style even old, lots of different colors and typographies in the same packaging…we wanted something different, something up-to-the-minute and eye-catching.

We started selecting a sans- serif typography, legible and up-to-date, with a lot of different weights to choose from; this was going to be the main star of our packaging. Then, we created some freehand illustrations to help identify the product.

This product line had 6 different packagings, so there had to be a key element that made it possible to identify the different sardine flavours. In this case, we used the colour palette. We selected a dark blue and white as the unifying colours in the typography and illustrations and chose a identifying colour for each flavour: coral red for tomato sauce, hot red for hot sauce, blue for water, green for olive oil, yellow for sunflower oil and orange for escabeche. 

This way, the lines becomes a mass of bright colors in the shelf helping identify the brand as well as each one of the products itself.

A tasty project ready to serve.


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