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Zelnova: A tu aire Home Fragrance

Scents that care for the enviroment

Refinement and minimalism are the essence Zelnova Zeltia’s new product line, A tu Aire Home Fragrance. Subtle fragrances with a bold touch to charm your home.

Our client, Zelnova Zeltia, came to us with a new task.. launching their new home fragrances line. Six new scents developed by their vest perfumers to suit everyone’s taste: floral, fruity and woody.

The main premise we were given for this project was to design something elegant and minimal, so we started simplifying the brand’s logo and added  a distinguished last name.

a tu aire home fragrance logo

This line is compound by three sprays for textile that come with a new shutter mechanism and, three stick fragrances with a reusable holder.

a tu aire packaging

For the packaging, we used black as our main color because it is frecuente identify with elegance and good taste. Moreover, we chose a color for each fragrance that helped the consumer to identify them easily.

paleta colores a tu aire home

But that’s not all, this new line arises from the urge of the company to be more environmentally friendly. The packagings were created with recycled and recyclable materials and, we represented the “compromiso atuaire” atuaire commitment by putting an informative icon on the front and an explanation of the materials used on the side of the box.

i'm green label
packaging a tu aire mikado

And, all of this, has been accompanied by promotional materials that suit the designs.

anuncio a tu aire home fragrance
expositor a tu aire home
catálogo a tu aire home fragrance
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