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As if we where in a paint war, we aim to the american market with our paintball gun and shoot a colorful and vivacious brand. The company came to us without and identity, and we called it Wiprime. A name that expresses the desire to color print a world of projects. Inspired by the dynamism of small dots in offset rosette patterns, the isotype is formed by the combination of different dot sizes in primary colors; all grouped in the shape of a double “V” that honors the first letter of the logotipe, a name for a new brand that will revolutionize the printing industry.
Those jumping and prone to dispersion dots respect a set of rules that we have collected in a manual of IGC to control their behavior.
With the clear objective of creating a modern and full of vitality chromatic brand, we developed the final step which finishes our work: an online store that let the branding values shines.

Wiprime Logo
Wiprime Logo Camaleón
Wiprime Web
Wiprime Magazine
Wiprime Bolsa de papel

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