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El Nogal: Special salads

Passport to another shelf

Flecha Separador

The growing demand for natural, healthy and simple products opens the door to new products development that are unique in the market, with which to position the brand in other shelves and have the chance to sell to a new target.
With Smart Topping of El Nogal and its strategic location in salad and vegetables shelf, we connected with consumers who care about a healthy lifestyle. The natural and modern packaging design, and the innovative use of the product, achieved a significant market penetration and optimal positioning.
But the plan does not finish there, after the great success the first mix we gave our consumers the opportunity to choose the new one. We organize a competition through social media and we reinforce the strategy with the launch of Gourmet selection for salads following the aesthetics of the first design but adding a gourmet feel to it.

El Nogal selección ensaladas
El Nogal selección ensaladas 2
El Nogal selección ensaladas 3

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