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Cooper + Zelnova: Solutions

suited to the new world

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An advertising and charity campaign launched in a moment in which everybody has to help. Collaborating with a company like Zelnova, that looks for up-to-date solutions to the market needs, is always an enriching journey.

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We always say that paying attention to the daily changes of the market is very important, especially nowadays in this turbulent period caused by Covid-19. Well then, Zelnova has launched a new brand focused only and exclusively on personal and surface sanitizing. In order to get greater public awareness, they have reached to us with the task of creating and advertising campaign in printed and social media with the main goal of conveying a back to normal mindset that helps everyone to face the current scenario. For that purpose, we decided to choose a visual style that perfectly evokes what we have missed so much during the lockdown, close contact with our family elders.

zelnova cooper mockup

Moreover, we developed an illustration for the ZZ charity project, that aims to collaborate with associations that work directly with the less fortunate members of society. Although these projects are in constant evolution, they all have a common feature, the quest to be better everyday and to foster a fairer world for all through our efforts.

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A solidarity campaign in difficult times


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