Yogur Topping

A romance between nuts and yogurt!

Flecha Separador Yogur Topping

Nuts and yogurt confirm their realtionship! A little bit of marketing, branding and packaging design and we were able to put together these two essentials for sweet moments. Yogur Topping is the last product development that we have made for El Nogal, thanks to our marketing team that took into account market trends related to the use of frozen yogurt and suggested nuts as the perfect companion.
With a simple naming that is associated to the moment of use and an appealing colorful packaging with cheerful dynamic typographies. Yogur Topping initiates a new era of yogurt customization in the retail sector.
Are you ready to be creative and play with different flavors?

Yogur Topping Bolsa grande
Yogur Topping Dos bolsas
Yogur Topping Bolsa sobre madera
Yogur Topping Bolsa detalle

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