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Ventto Nonno

Spoil them with a ‘simplephone’

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Why can the technology only be used by geeks? Why is it so difficult to contact your grandfather? Why does a current phone have to be so complex for them to understand? The answer to these questions was the design of a new smartphone, with simple and adapted qualities for the most forgotten target in the technology industry.
A product with these many features, needed a good name that reflected a concept and graphic identity. We came up with a name that met a clear premise: reflecting the importance of this product’s target. In this way, Nonno (that means grandfather in italian) gave us the answer, a simplephone which rises a new way to pamper the elderly.
The product presentation required a packaging design that was able to put the new modern grandfather at a very high level. With the help of icons to show product specifications, we could visually describe all its features. Thus, both the target and its environment, could now be associated with the product, a device adapted for that grandfather with a young in spirit.
Now grandparents take selfies, text their friends from the cards games, listen to the radio or press an SOS button for emergencies with their Ventto Nonno. For this nonno, the age indicated on his ID it is not impediment to use new technologies, and he dares to surf the net. If you’re not in the internet, you do not exist, and a custom smartphone like this needed its ownwebsite. Taking the values and simplicity of the brand´s essence into account, we created a responsive and easy website, so that the world becomes aware of the advantages of having a connected grandfather. A grandfather that thanks to Ventto Nonno looks, listens and has fun with his people.

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