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If something works great… it must be repeated! After two years following the strategy that we generated for El Nogal we got excellent results, which gave it wings to fly to other shelves within the grocery stores. We couldn’t pass up the chance to try a new product line: The Pastry of El Nogal.
We wanted to “register” the new line of nuts for pastry in the most trendy aisle of the grocery store: the shelve of homemade pastries. A space that has slowly grown, as aspiring bakers and crafty people with a sweet tooth were becoming part of the trend and making their own homemade desserts full of creativity and, of course, adding their personal touch.
With this concept in mind, we defined the packaging design of La Repostería El Nogal, in a homemade style, soft colors and a creative sweet touch, which is delightfully adapted to the new environment and audience.

El Nogal Repostería
El Nogal Repostería Logo
El Nogal Repostería Detalle Bolsas
El Nogal Repostería

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