Spanish Figs

Our very own packaging

Flecha Separador

A quality national product and a great tradition, arrives at the agency: we are about the spanish figs from of El Nogal. A new challenge to bring this fruit to the consumer through an attractive design while communicating the benefits of the product.
A double packaging work, thought for the two strategic locations in retail sector: consumption in small quantities and bulk purchase. This strategy resulted in two packaging designs; a bag a full of color that would stand out on the shelves of packed nuts, and on the other hand, a box with geometric design capable of competing on the shelves of bulk sale.
The perfect way to attract attention to this national product, an important part of the Mediterranean diet, which maintains its traditional flavor and crafty selection.

Higos Caja
Higos Caja Detalle
Higos Bolsa
Higos Bolsa Detalle

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