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Not JUST a restyling

A restyling, creativity and online adverts project in order to make a great first impression.

Soloimprenta, digital printing brand, tasked us with the redesign of their logo, in order to give it a cleaner, fresher and more actual look. And so we did! As Oscar Wilde once said: “There is no second chance for a first impression”. Therefore, we got down to work and created the best image for our client.

Not JUST a logo

To update the logo, we chose a more modern typeface, without serif, that would provide a clean and updated outline; and we kept the main colors, both magenta and black. In addition, we wanted to add a different touch to the logo that related it to the sector (in case it was not already clear) and we turned the P into a drop of ink.

koolbrand soloimprenta logo
koolbran soloimprenta mockup tarjetas
koolbrand gextiom group libreta

Una vez creada la nueva imagen de marca llegó el momento de aplicarla a la web, para ello, optamos por una estética más limpia en la que los productos fuesen protagonistas. Más de 100 artículos para los que creamos imágenes personalizadas y acordes con la nueva imagen. Once the new brand image was created, it was time to apply it to the web, for this we opted for a cleaner aesthetic in which the products were protagonists. More than 100 articles for which we create personalized images according to the new image.

Ad magazine “El publicista”

We also designed an advertisement piece for “El Publicista” magazine, so we could promote the services of the brand aimed at a more expert audience, with a professional but fresh and carefree image. And … voilà!


Also, we created a banner following a set of words with “solo”(just) and the creative process, with the aim of placing it on several websites and offering new customers the option of getting a great first impression.


Por último hicimos un video que explicaba de manera muy visual, las ventajas que Soloimprenta ofrece en sus servicios, y para ello creamos el personaje GOTA,  usando de base la forma que simula una gota que se encuentra en el logotipo.  At last, we made a video that explained in a very visual way, the advantages that Soloimprenta offers in its services, and for that we created the DROP character, using the base form that simulates a drop in the logo.

A project that made a great impression


BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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