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This time, we had a very exiting task; a branding development and web design for Prestamee, an online loaning business that really loves sheeps. So we stop counting these cute animals and got to work.

We already had the naming so the first step was creating a young and lighthearted visual image. The result was a fun logo that mixes the name of the business, sheep’s bleating sound (in spanish “beeee”) and a ellipsis to elongate the onomatopoeia.

We chose a saturated and vibrant orange and green that, with a rounded cartoon typography, give the logo a young and fresh aesthetic that combines perfectly with the brand personality.

talaso tarjetas dorso

But that was not all, to add more fun to the brand we created a mascot, and, of course, it could not be anything else than note-eating sheep. An easily recognizable character, created with simple shapes but with a lot of peeeersonality.

talaso tarjetas dorso

The next step was the creation of a website. Following the same aesthetic, we used green and orange with a lot of white to maintain the personality of the brand but without loosing a clean and modern feel. We were looking for a clean and simple design, easy to use in every device and where the used could find, at a glance, every piece of information he or she needs to solve every doubt.

talaso tarjetas dorso
Corazón 8

A fun and fresh branding and weeeeb design project.


BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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