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Plásticos Acha

Sustainable plastics

A logo restyling project, a breath of fresh air for a business that has been around for a while.

Plásticos Acha is a business focused on plastic platters thermoforming processes for the food industry. It stands out for its permanent technical innovation and concern for achieving the best quality in their products.

They landed on the agency with a very special task, to renew the look and feel of their brand, they need to redesign their logo without losing its core identity, and this was the result.

plásticos acha logo nuevo

A solid, steady and sturdy logo, thanks to a new typography, Galano Grotesque. A sans serif font based on geometric typography’s from the 20th century that works perfectly on big headlines and long but small texts because of its readability and neutrality.

plásticos acha tipografía

We kept the blue shade as the brand’s main color to be recognizable to the public while we remove the top line and crossed out the word plásticos (plastics) to let ACHA shine.

Moreover, we added an explanatory copy that clarifies the core of the company and touches upon the sustainability of their products.

plásticos acha tipografía
plásticos acha tarjetas
plásticos acha corporeo
plásticos acha packaging
Corazón 8

A fresh air for an experienced brand that leaves a modern but recognizable logo for the consumer.


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