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A completely innovative and plague-free branding

Plagoo is a company specialized in biosecurity and pest control that uses eco-friendly techniques. A brand-new company that needed a complete branding and a totally innovative website within the sector. 

Therefore, we proposed to work with the slogan “zero shivers” to communicate all the values ​​and benefits of Plagoo.

Plagues out!

This was the concept we worked with and helped us on generating the naming: PLAGUES + GO = Plagoo, the perfect mix between the sector and the main objective of Plagoo. Bye-bye plagues!

plagoo logo

A cool logo and communication pieces

For the next step, the creation of the logo, a custom typography was designed and the “empty set” symbol was incorporated, making reference to the elimination or absence of pests. In addition, the combination of colors contributed the values of freshness and hygiene.

Different pieces of communication were also developed, such as stationery, corporate clothing, stickers, document covers, merchandising … With the help of patterns and icons, resources in harmony with the logo and the company philosophy.

plagoo carpeta

Plagoo Pegatinas
Plagoo Taza
Plagoo Chaqueta

The whole process resulted in a modern visual identity, fun, close, clean and of course very different if we compare it to other brands within the sector. An area marked by aggressiveness and traditional communication.

Relax, here comes the web

Continuing with the concept of “zero shivers” we opted for a style without using the real images of pests and we decided to use illustrations and animations on the web.
A corporate and informative platform with a friendly tone that appeals to the tranquility of the client facing difficult situations.

A very complete project of branding and web that breaks with the standards.


BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

Koolbrand K