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Lifeel Productions

A socially committed naming and branding

Lifeel Separador

Lifeel is a Galician film production company that was born with the purpose of making an X-ray of society so the viewer can access socially compromised content.

Lifeel Logo

To generate the naming of this project we took into account two concepts that fitted the philosophy of the producer perfectly: life and to feel. The themes that are going to be discussed are present in the lives of the spectators, with the purpose of generating a link or connection with those who feel identified. 

When designing and applying the logo, we draw on the aesthetics of an x-ray, its colors and its transparency effect.

Lifeel vida distinta
Lifeel abuelas madres

In addition, we created several posters where the concept of the link or connection is displayed, always maintaining a photograph and its message as a priority. Thus, in the titles, different characters approach and touch forming an intersection.

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lifeel corazón

A project of naming and corporate identity that touches our emotions.

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