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A branding and website to get us fit.

This time comes to the agency a client to get in shape with: nutrition, sports, physical therapy, osteopathy … This time we will for sure be getting our bodies beach ready!

A balance diet, emotions, exercise and resting are the four basic pillars for Juan Martínez, a professional with experience in all of this areas and with great ambitions to achieve. A full-fledged health coach.

We were challenged to generate a branding that maintained coherence with these aspects, capable of reflecting a sporty and balanced vision. Therefore, we were willing to fulfill the expectations of our client, we tied our sneakers tight and we got down to work. The starting whistle had just played and we wanted to reach the finish line successfully.
We wanted the corporate identity to reflect the importance of having a solid foundation, some pillars to lean on, because we had very clear that the human being never works in separate parts. Health and wellness lean on several factors that must work together. As they always say… strength is in the numbers!

The typography, without serifs, gives the brand the confidence and professionalism it deserves.
The other big challenge: the creation of a video in which we showed our expertise with the camera, becoming real producers, creating a new way of looking at sport and health. An integrative vision based on the four fundamental pillars.
Lastly, for the website design we used blue; a fresh, calm, sporty color and associated with the mind. Combined with white, a more pure and transparent shade. We wanted it to be very visual, practical and direct.

Getting philosophical …a harmonious and integrated project that where the ensemble is above the parts.


BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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