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Furancho Galician Food

Reinventing galicia’s most traditional recipes

Separador Furancho

Fully equipped with our chef’s hat and kitchen aprons we developed quite a project, and we worked on every posible creative area! 
Facing a very demanding and harsh target, that was used to a wide variety of cuisines, was the main challenge. First, we profusely researched to achieve the perfect and most competitive business model to assure the viability of this new Galician restaurant. After long hours of designing we succeeded to create an identity and personality for this new venue.

02 Galeria Furancho Papeleria
02 Galeria Furancho Vino
02 Galeria Furancho Tarjeta


Taking “furanchos” (ephemeral spring-summer restaurants that pop up in many galician villages and serve traditional “tapas” and wine) as our main inspiration, we created a naming and a coherent branding based on the signage of this rustic places, with a corporate identity that has its Galician character reinforced by a typography created exclusively for the project by the designer Marcos Dopico. Moreover, we recreated a traditional environment in the venue connecting with our most galician. For this task we directly collaborated with Juan Ares from Espacio Invisible, who perfectly materialized the brand personality in every detail of the restaurant.

06 Grid Furancho Gallinero


Separador Furancho

An great work from de design department that made all the branding pieces convey the concept of renewed tradition and the culinary origin of the project. This together with the venue and web reflect perfectly the culture and experience of furanchos.

Gallinero Furancho
Corazón Furancho
An overall project that stayed with us for a several months, in which we collaborated with other professionals,
and made us feel extremely proud!
And to you… would you like to experience Furancho Galician Food?

Behind the curtain

making of

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  • Furancho Galeria Local 02
  • Furancho Galeria Local 03
  • Furancho Galeria Local 04
  • Furancho Galeria Local 05
  • Furancho Galeria Local 06

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