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The taste of sharing

FriendlyMix Separador

In this new project we based the creative idea on the moment of use to achieve a young and full of design packaging and naming!
A product based in different combination of nuts under the name of FriendlyMix, a breezy naming that doesn’t discriminate any potential target. Joined by the slogan: “¿compartimos?” (shall we share?), a simple sentence that complements the communication tone and invites the consumer to try the product. To be able to reinforce the concept, we came up with the phrase “Juntos & Revueltos” (Together & mingled) as an allusion to those friends and family reunions we all enjoy and, at the same time, we give it a little flavor with a nuts cocktail.

Premio Smile
FriendlyMix Logo Gato
FriendlyMix Bolsa
Friendly Mix Bolsa Naranja

Comemos FriendlyMix
To show all of those concepts we needed a design that expressed the lighthearted character so we based the packaging on a hipster styled, keeping up with the fresh, young and modern approach of the naming. An image full of legs drawn with different styles was the perfect design to illustrate the different consumers and the richness of enjoying a moment surrounded by unique and different people.

FriendlyMix Jovenes
Piernas FriendlyMix
FriendlyMix Corazón

And now…¿would you like to share a FriendlyMix and spice up your moments with a little flavour?

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