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Eva López

A corner to breathe

This time arrives at the agency a very deep project entrusted to us by Eva Lopez, a psychologist who seeks the truth of the soul in order to heal people.

Thus, we embarked on a new project: a branding and a web design capable of representing the tranquility and harmony necessary to connect with our inner self, our purest essence. All in all, we activated the zen mode and got down to work.

We knew that working with the inside, with people’s emotions was a complex process, it needed to move forward little by little, avoiding obstacles and in a progressive way. This is what we wanted to translate into the corporate identity. A sequence of points that, charged with energy and small victories, acquire a stronger shade as the goal approaches.

All this, with a modern and geometric typography, in a gray color, symbol of security, trust and commitment.
We also took care of designing a very visual and functional web, with an aesthetic in tune with the sector. We wanted it to work as a space for peace and tranquility that managed to connect with people. Just like a calm sea.

To do this, we play with the a light brown color, able to convey feelings of relaxation, serenity and comfort.

A whole approach to the emotions that we, undoubtedly, enjoyed.


BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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