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Learn to feel your best

We are still living a healthy life and, on this occasion, we had to design a logo that represented a balance between body and mind.

A balanced logo

Our inspiration for the creation of this logo was the art of rock balancing, which, in the meditation practice, represents emotional balance and the ability to be in harmony with nature. Just like the stability that is achived one you take care of the four main building blocks: diet, exercice, emotions and rest. If one leg of a table fails, the table staggs.

talaso tarjetas dorso

On the other hand, we wanted this logo to be related to Juan Martinez’s branding, the creator of this program, so we used the same typography. Moreover, we introduced a shade of green that symbolises birth, life, strenght and energy.

A clean dynamic design, that needed to follow into our favourite Health Coach’s  footsteps.

A well-balanced final result that perfectly symbolises the main goal of the program.

Feeling good you will give your best.

Corazón 8

A branding project made for your well-being.

BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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