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El Solar Country Club

Paradise finally has a brand and a website

Flecha Separador

We did not hesitate too much and sent our ideas to Argentina, a new opportunity to show our talent arrived to the agency. Providing a space such as “The Solar Country Club” with the qualities every paradise should have. We used our new “Thinking Design” process and Lean Methodology to endowed the brand with witty and unique insights to give it a different and attractive personality.
The development of the logo and brand ecosystem were the most important part of our work; inspired by the natural environment, we took the image of one of the most emblematic trees in the area, the kapok, capturing the essence of the place and connecting with our target. The flora and fauna are now playing a major role, not only in their pieces of communication but also as part of their recreation areas.
The corporate identity we designed has the ability to tell a lot about the brand; but a product with so many possibilities had fully reach the public, and what better way of expressing everything it has to offer that with a website according to the philosophy of the company.
A complete project with which to tell the whole story of a private community, the place to enjoy the beauty of nature and live like you always imagined.

El Solar Logo
El Solar Entrada
El Solar Ilustraciones
El Solar Plaza Nutria
El Solar Papeleria
El Solar Sello
El Solar Tablet
El Solar Mac

BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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