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Buró design

A restyling especially made for a design master

Lifeel Separador

A complicated restyling arrives to the agency, a project that challenged us to connect with our client’s essence and personal style, professional used to deal with design issues. This time, our know-how and the client’s combined gave, as a result, a new corporate image that is able to reflect the elegance of our client’s project.

Buró Papeleria
Buró Papeleria
Buró Decoración

On this occasion, we tinkered a minimal and geometric typography and played with the dynamism of the syllables to create an elegant and unique image.

With such a disruptive disposition, we broke the reading line trying to show the distinct personality of the project this studio carries out.

We used a golden color as a key element since it help us conveys luxury and exclusivity, two of our client’s most important values.

Buró Merch
Buró Logo dorado
Corazón Buró

A logo redesign project in which we tried to show, with every resource available, the exclusive and unique essence of our client.

BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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