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The sneakers that take care of the environment

It all started when Jorge and Tati (the creators) walked through our door with a project full of passion, they were designing a sustainable sneakers model but, they needed someone to help them create a name, a suit for the brand and put it on the market.

They explain to us the origin of their idea, a trip to Cuba that changed their way to see the world and where they got to know the flamboyant tree, which gives the name and image to their brand.

We started the project by creating the name of the brand. We played with the name of the tree and transformed it to BEFLAMBOYANT, that became a lifestyle anthem in their slogan BEFREE, BEYOURSELF, BEFLAMBOYANT.

The next step was the creation of a logo with a sans serif modern and geometric typography, using two different weights. We also developed a geometric clean and synthesized version of the flamboyant tree, thinking that it could also function ons its own.

talaso tarjetas dorso
talaso tarjetas dorso

However, our job did not finish there, we had to design a packaging that was in keeping with a Zero waste lifestyle, there should be no plastic elements and everything had to be reusable o recyclable. The final result was a cardboard box that also works as the shipment packaging. On the outside, we placed the brand’s slogan and, on the inside, is detailed the brand philosophy using icons especially design for the project.

Moreover, as a protection system, the sneakers will go inside a jute bag that is personalized with the brand image. This bag is completely reusable as a shopping bag, purse…

The digital part of this project consists in a web design that highlighted the sneaker’s design and the brand philosophy, what makes BEFLAMBOYANT different.

To finish up, we designed the layout for the kickstarter project, the litmus test. Lots of images, gifs and videos so the users could see everything about the sneakers and feel in love with the brand in just one scroll. The result could not have been better, in less than a week, the project had already reach its goal.

If you haven’t already run to buy a pair of this eco-friendly sneakers, here’s the video that introduced their crowdfunding campaign.

… are you flamboyant?

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