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Andean raisins

Taste without seed

Pasas Andinas Separador

As if we were the godparents of a baptism, we give name to this new seedless raisin of El Nogal. We create a new branding in which we put last name to these raisins: Andean raisins. A product arrived from the mountains where the sun ripens all the flavor of this peculiar seedless raisin; Information that resulted in the saying “taste matures in the sun”.

A packaging full of small details, was the perfect complement to a branding that gave a lot of designing game: the Andes mountains, the process of drying in the sun, without seeds … A whole set of data that we collect in this fun bag, which undoubtedly stands out among the rest of the nuts products.

Packaging Pasas Andinas
Pasas Andinas Montañas
Corazón Pasas Andinas

Don´t wait longer to know the flavor that ripens under the Andes´ sun, you surely will recognize it in the line!

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