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Aguayo Colour Wings

An essential accesory

Flecha Separador

We have been launching several basic collections of nail polish that include a wide range of colors, such as Colour Wings Spring-Summer; but now, but now, we have decided it is time of an about-face in terms of strategy. The goal was to increase the rotation tranforming a basic product into a seasonal must. This turnaround implied the release of small collections based on seasonal fashion trends, this way we created a growing need every season and increased product rotation. Given the success of the first collection, we managed to create the need of a new line season after season. That’s how, under the same design strategy of Colour Wings Spring-summer and, after we analized autum trends and color paletts, we came up with five new nail polish colours: Colour Wings Autumn. With this collection we reasured the success of the rotation strategy. Now, the target of Aguayo Cosmetics expects new products every season.

Aguayo Expositor
Aguayo Lacas
Aguayo Lacas
Aguayo Expositor 2

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