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National Walnuts

In a nutshell, the pleasure of generating a native product

Flecha Separador

Fighting against clichés and puplar beliefs is not something that exceeds our own abilities. It is often thought that foreign commodities have better quality and that our own products can not compete with them. It is what it is, and if a product is better in so many ways…why should we let it go? El Nogal gave us the oportunity to show the great value that national products have, and that they are perfectly capable os competing with the highest quality walnuts standards.
The challenge was to be able to enter a market that was taken over by californian nut and thus we created a new product for the brand: National Walnuts.
Introducing this product into the retail industry and making it posible for the consumer to distinguish it from the competition, would take a packaging that transmited the essence of the product: natural, healthy and ours. For that reason we used green and brown colors for its strength, a heart-shaped window and the silhouette of two big walnut trees that portray the beauty of the tree and its fruit.
A delicious native product.

El Nogal, nuez del país
El Nogal, nuez del país
El Nogal, nuez del país. Feito en Galicia

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