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M&G facility services

Shall we play with letters?

M&G separador

This time we were facing a new creative challenge: to create a unified corporative image and webpage in which to depict the services of our new client, M&G; a facility services business. In this area of business, a company offers a solution to different areas: cleaning, maintenance, gardening, outsourcing, etc. Our job started with the design of a logo that was able to encompass everything that M&G has to offer.

M&G Logo
Diseño branding diseño papelería A4 M&G Facility Services Koolbrand
Diseño branding diseño logo diseño tarjetas de contacto M&G Facility Services Koolbrand
Diseño branding diseño logo diseño vinilos vehículo  M&G Facility Services Koolbrand

A branding that makes use of the meaning of the ampersand character, a typographic symbol that represents unity. In this case, it represents the union of a wide range of services and, at the same time, the bond with the client. We built a corporate image where this symbol exists, but in an invisible way, thanks to its white color. This tries to convey trust in a group of professionals that share a common workplace with its clients without hindering their daily activity. 

The design of a branding environment was essential to the creation of a webpage with an overall perspective of this company and offering a friendly user interface.

M&G Logo sobre tela
M&G Iconos
M&G Mac
corazón M&G

A new project that show the value of symbols and its creative concepts. We explored a new way of designing a brand, giving design resources a meaning related to out clients’ area of business.

Want to see how neat and clean the M&G web ended up looking?


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