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Madras Gourmand

Cans full of colors

madras gourmand icon

A fun food packaging designed to stand out in north america’s supermarkets, with typography and color as the main stars.

Recently, a mouth-watering project landed on the agency. Madras Gourmand, an argentine food company, came to us with the task of creating the packaging for their canned sardines new line aimed to the American market.

The first step was to simplify the logo, we removed non-essential elements that made the brand a little fussy.


madras gourmand logo restyling

To follow up, carried out a market research and came to the conclusion that most our USA competitors had an outdated look and feel. Opulent photography, scientific illustration, classic style even old, lots of different colors and typographies in the same packaging…we wanted something different, something up-to-the-minute and eye-catching.

madras gourmand typography

We started selecting a sans- serif typography, legible and up-to-date, with a lot of different weights to choose from; this was going to be the main star of our packaging. Then, we created some freehand illustrations to help identify the product.

madras gourmand design
madras gourmand ingredientes
madras gourmand packaging

This product line had 6 different packagings, so there had to be a key element that made it possible to identify the different sardine flavours. In this case, we used the colour palette. We selected a dark blue and white as the unifying colours in the typography and illustrations and chose a identifying colour for each flavour: coral red for tomato sauce, hot red for hot sauce, blue for water, green for olive oil, yellow for sunflower oil and orange for escabeche. 

madras gourmand packaging

This way, the lines becomes a mass of bright colors in the shelf helping identify the brand as well as each one of the products itself.

madras gourmand patron
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A tasty project ready to serve.


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