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A branding and website so vintage

It all started when Store Steam, a franchise that commercialize e-cigarettes, e-liquids and more, came to our agency. Can you guess what our challenge was?

It were asked to create a brand of vaping e-liquids, but with more refined flavours and adapted to today’s audience. Modern, casual, … We wanted a hipster style.
And…well, more or less, we knew what a hipster was… somebody whose style is quite underground, goes against social convictions and rejects commercial culture. However that’s only the tip of the iceberg, so we started investigating more, … and more.

We had a great mission ahead: to design a brand that was far from mainstream items and associate it with an alternative culture, to jump on the cool bandwagon and decide not to go unnnoticed. So, we turned on our most retro creativity and stared brainstorming.
We were looking for something smart and with a high level of quality, that’s when Lord Fog was born.

Something was clear: we wanted to reflect the most popular European trends in the e-liquids sector. We wanted to join tradition and vanguards. We were looking for a British kind of style with which to open the door to the internationalization. That’s how Lord Fog came up to our minds. We chose a modern typography that gives the personality and the status the logo deserves. A combo of elegance and easiness with British DNA.
All of this, playing with a dark brown and ochre, welcoming, natural and warm colors that are able to communicate the independence and strength we wanted.

Don’t you worry, there’s even more!

Lord Fog is more than a naming. He is a real character. We created and designed everything about this adventurous classy guy. What’s more, he is very lucky, because not everyone can be born as a Lord. We knew that people would like to know more about him, so we decided to share his story all over the world through a website. It has to be visual, interactive and useful. A place for authentic vaping lovers and the merge between modernity and elegance.
So… we brought our design abilities up, taking care of every detail and rack our brains to dead. It could be said that we became truly bohemian, and together we create a trendy style in the purest Lord Fog style.

A project in which we turned ourselves in truly bohemian individuals and created a trendy style in a Lord Fog kind of way.


BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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