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ibercook Chef

For the professional fork and spoon

Lifeel Separador

A complete work that began with a very detailed research for our client Congalsa market needs that ended with the creation of a branding, as well as a packaging design based on the requirements of the brand, and a product catalog.

ibercook Chef logo
ibercook chef separador

After the investigation of our marketing department on the opportunity to direct and develop new products to a professional sector. We set to work with the creation of a corporate image focused on this sector; Using colors that enhance the value of the products and their quality, we use black and gold to make this brand: ibercook Chef.

Once the image of this new brand was designed, our next step was the creation of new packagings as well as the investigation of new products that could be interesting to the professional customer, like it was on the case of flavored rings.

To complete our work with Congalsa, we have gathered all its products in a catalog that will make its wide offer be known to the different channels that the company operates. A work in where both departments, creative and marketing have worked hand in hand to …

ibercook chef corazon

A project full of marketing and design, where we developed a lot of communication pieces, all esential to this brand: its corporate image, the different packagings and a complete catalogue where Congalsa brings all his products.

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