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Gextiom Group

A restyling of logo, stationery, brochures and web

Gextiom Group is an Outsourcing and Human Resources company that is born of the people for the people whose maximum concern is their clients, that is why we have been so personal and detailed when it comes to giving them a new image.
For this reason, from Koolbrand, we have carried out different actions: logo restyling, web development, corporate stationery and business brochures, contributing to that “facelift” that has placed it so well.

A logo restyling to modernize

It is clear that, to any company, the logo has a very important role, either for customers and for itself. Therefore, we decided to start a restyling of the logo, giving it a much more minimalist, modern and up-to-date air, without neglecting the image of professionalism that should be communicated. The new logo conveys the importance of adaptation, which the Gextiom Group is aware of. They adapt to their clients listening to their needs and providing the best service that fits them.

koolbrand gextiom group logo

Koolbrand Gextiom group Taza
Koolbrand Gextiom group Tarjeta Pinza
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koolbrand gextiom group libreta

Some brochures to promote

In Koolbrand we know that existing is not enough, it’s also important to communicate that you are out there. So we have developed different corporate brochures to inform about their services.

A web to inform

What is the first step to get to know you? Exist. How? With a unique web design, created in our ideas factory.
Following the professional style of the sector, but supported by icons that give that funny touch that differentiates us, the fundamental objective of this space on the network is to publicize all the services offered by the company, clearly and directly.

A very visual web with defining icons designed with love thinking about a client that works for people.

A restyling project for logo, stationery and web to be completely renewed. Do you still think that serious companies are boring?


BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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