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Fomento Profesional and Grupo Fomento

A completely rejuvenated look

Separador Punto

Fomento Profesional, a company of renowed prestige in the education business area, needed to bring a new look to its brand and to the Grupo Fomento business group. They brought o us the need of rejuvenating their image without losing the values of quality and professionalism that are so important to their philosophy.
We took our hightlighters, our reading glasses (boy… the age!) and began to cram as if there was no tomorrow.


Fomento professional, youthful as a kid!

Our first test resulted in a logotype with a more stable construction: two pieces (symbol and logo) that fit within a square and rectangle respectively and make it possible to integrated it into any type of graph without affecting its readability.
Its typography, sans serif, with rounded edges and its orange color, bring a close, young and energetic character to the ensemble. Values that are close to our client’s target. A pass with honours!

Fomento Profesional Ordenador
Fomento Profesional Mupi
Fomento Profesional Cup

Grupo Fomento, such a professional

In the final test, Grupo Fomento, came to us with the challenge of modernizing its image as we did for Professional Development but without losing the seriousness that the business group had. For this exercise, we worked on a typographic logo, with a more robust construction and colors that provided seriousness and neutrality in order to cover other brands. In addition, it projects the concept of grouping or set thanks to the geometric shapes it contains.

Another A+ in our file!
Logo Fomento

Fomento Profesional Logo
Corazon Lavanda

A project of restyling and challenges in which we have added modernity.
Passed with honors for Koolbrand!

BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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