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Fishing a branding project and a web developmentb

Flecha Separador

This time we became cabin boys, we fully immersed ourselves in the fish sector to perform a branding work and web development for Europacífico. The challenge was to face a company that was part of a giant global fishing industry, adding value to their products and creating a website that was able to compete in the web environment. Walks on the beach, the smell of the sea, port visits to watch the working boats and the tireless work of women who, day by day, try to give the best to their families, inspired our thinking work; which resulted in naming, and a concept for the range of products that the brand needed. “Natures, mar y punto” (Natures, sea and nothing else). Thanks to using unsold colors and design in the development of the logo and packaging, we were able to make this product to stand out on the shelves. A simple idea that conveys quality and the nature of the product, where less is more.
However, our work did not stop there. Knowing the importance of a good online presence we created the new company´s website, capable of sustaining the positive and renewed injection that means the launching of a new product range.

Europacífico chefs
Europacífico Gamba Pelada Cruda
Europacífico Filete de Halibut
Europacífico Detalle
Europacífico Detalle 2
Europacífico Detalle Delante
Europacífico Mac

BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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