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A branding that us throw our the graduation caps in the air


The Center for University Studies – Training and Postgraduate, belonging to Grupo Fomento, is an educational center specializing in postgraduate and master’s degrees for all those who seek to grow professionally.
They came to Koolbrand with a very important assignment: a restyling of their brand. The objective was to achieve a new look that communicated the quality of a classic and international university in a modern way.

Antes y Después

The result was an symbol of geometric lines with a structure that resembled a shield or medal and with a very strong conceptual base. First, we leaned on the concept of the tree of wisdom, closely associated with the field of education, to represent continuous regeneration and knowledge. We turned its trunk into a column, which denotes durability and stability, at the same time that it reminds us of ancient Greece and its schools. In addition, we used stars to symbolize clarity, light and a nod to the European character of EU-FP. The typography, slab serif, is classic, elegant and up-to-date, while still being friendly, dynamic and with good readability. As a corporate color we choose a dark blue that brings serenity, sobriety and importance to the brand.

EU FP Sudadera
04 EU FP Archivador E6dd29339343fa6701ad6d3237f97c4b
05 EU FP Folleto F5ab7029df2a414031c210924eff6b04

EU - FP Mupi
EU - FP Anuncio
Corazon Azul

A corporate identity design project to graduate with honours

BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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