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Elisa Levame

A web that reflects the subconscious

Lifeel Separador

A very personal project in which we show the work of Elisa Levame. An artist with a very singular career history: a psychoanalyst that is seduced by plastic arts and brushes, and portrays her professional experiences in her pieces.

We present you with a web design project in which every element shows the personality of the artist. Colors, typography, text composition… resources that conveys the character and essence of Elisa Levame and her artworks.

02 Web

A very simple navigation estructure where the artist logo pops up: the signature that marks each one of his canvas.
Giving more importance to the gallery and using a clean design, artworks really stand out. An important choice to appreciate the aromatic strength of every art piece predominant colors. Together with a brief description, a modern but classic typography, features that are appreciated in the work and personality of the artist.

Elisa Levame Mac
Cuadro Final Elisa Levame
Corazón Elis Levame

Knowing the artist and her profile as psychoanalyst was crucial to achieve a result in which the design and the different resources stay in the background, complementing the artist work.

Do you want to discover the work of Elisa Levame?


BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

Koolbrand K