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El Nogal Web

A web to lick your fingers

A website with a renewed and modern image to accompany the new packagings of El Nogal, always trying to keep up with the quality of their products.

El Nogal has a multitude of product lines, each with its own very strong aesthetic and, for this reason, we aimed to get a website with a clean, clear color range and let the nuts shine like the protagonists that are .
The biggest challenge was to organize the products and their respective ranges so that navigation was as simple and intuitive as possible, the user should be able to find her ideal product in a few clicks. For this, we organize the products on the one hand in families and on the other with a product filter according to the type of fruit it contains.
With this clean, modern style and accompanied by illustrations made with freehand strokes, we wanted to maintain the family closeness of El Nogal, always remembering the quality of its raw material.

A space to find, in the simplest way, your favorite nuts and keep up to date with the latest news of the company.

A web project full of fiber and vitamins


BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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