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El Nogal Christmas Campaign

This Christmas … no more trays

We reinvent the consumption of nuts at Christmas. No to the trays … yes to the original and fun desserts!

We all have in mind the same image: Christmas Eve dinner, the dessert arrives … and the same tray of every year appears on the table full of nuts, almonds, figs and raisins. That is why, this year, we wanted to reinvent the form of consumption of nuts with a selection of original Christmas recipes suitable for the whole family under the concept: No more trays!

A brand visibility campaign designed especially for Youtube, composed of three simple but visually appealing video recipes. The goal was to take users to the new website where they would find the complete recipe for that video that had caught their attention.

So, we recorded the whole cooking process in a Christmas decoration with an appetizing final result. We made two versions of each of the recipes, a short 20-second video designed to work as a pre-roll ad and another 40 to 50 seconds with the complete recipe. We see it?
The result was a total of 22,000 views, 10,500 minutes of viewing and a high percentage of users derived to the web where they found the entire recipe to replicate it at home, accompanied by some photos that whet the appetite of anyone.
In addition, we put the icing on the campaign with a corporate Christmas card with a message that summarizes the central concept of the brand: rediscover the nuts with El Nogal.

A Christmas campaign not to use trays again


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