Fresh ideas and nuts that cross borders

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El Nogal gave us the succulent opportunity of designing a product exclusively aimed at a foreign market. Despite not being philologists thinking about a foreign target was no problem to us, so we got down to work; we designed a new product with a name that expressed our purpose: disrupting the nuts market using the organic nature of the products as the main feature. That’s how EcoNuts was born, a product with a simple and straightforward concept: El Nogal and EcoNuts are the result of nature’s care and respect.

 Finding a way to export our idea to the foreign market required the development of a logo and packaging. We took health, natural and organic as the main values, we used green colors, textures and forms related to the natural environment, such as bamboo wood and tree leaf. A work intended to convey the nature of the fruits of the Earth.

Eco Nuts Natual & Healthy
Eco Nuts Bolsas Abanico
Eco Nuts bolsa almendras
Eco Nuts bolsas detalle

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