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Dona Dona: Brand activation campaign

How to acquire customers and not die trying

Flecha Separador

Dona Dona Deep- frozen commercializes its products through its own telemarketing platform, but they have spent the main resource of finding customers.

We thought we should go out and look for them, that simple… But, how? Combining creativity, ingenuity, a game, an iPad and a replicable capture process with which to develop the brand campaign activation. he mechanics: a task force team invites the public to participate in an iPad game, with which they can win prizes from the brand and achieving the goal of getting quality contacts for our client. That way, we generate a new database of the target group with a very positive disposition towards the brand.

During the first six months, the promotion achieved over 10,000 contacts. An 18% of those contacts became customers.

Dona Dona Cesta
Dona Dona Promoción Salamanca
Dona Dona Promoción Valladolid
Dona Dona Promoción Vigo
Dona Dona Promoción Madrid
Dona Dona Promoción Vigo 2
Dona Dona Promoción
Dona Dona Promoción León
Dona Dona Promoción

BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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