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Conecta Asesor: Branding & Web

Welcome to paperwork 2.0

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Becoming a part of the online world is almost mandatory if we want our business to keep growing nowadays. “Conecta Asesor” was born with this aim, a new online and low cost concept of tax advice, but with the client support of a traditional tax consultancy.
A brand needs an easily adaptable design to take part in the 2.0 world. but also, in this case, the brand needs to upgrade the aesthetics standard of a very old-fashioned professional sector. The isotype was the beginning of the project: a very personal design easy to recognized, expressing the concept of business. Very rounded lines, sober tones and a fresh typography were the ingredients to create an up-to-date brand that also shows confidence. The website is the essential part of a business because is through where clients perform all their movements. Intuitive and responsive, meeting the company’s goal: fast, easy and limitless management.
All of this is complemented by a simple and elegant stationary that don’t take the attention away from the content and sensitive data, which is what really matters!

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Conecta Asesor Branding
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BUILT WITH HTML5, CSS3 AND lots of love

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