Christmas special, Nuts with Shell

Break, eat and talk

Flecha Separador

In christmas we all get a little emotional and everything we do seems more endearing. For the development of the Christmas packaging we defined the creative strategy inspired by those sentimental moments lived this time of the year: families around a table sharing unforgettable stories until late hours… We used traditional christmas colours and iconography in the packaging design to take the consumers to their own christmas memories; and with the claim “break, eat and talk” we recreated the enviroment of love, presents and sweets.
To stand out in the shelves and conect emotionally with the packaging was one of our goals, but to achieve the sensation of authentic experiences such as gatherings, sharings and talks was a plus… What else do we all want for christmas?

El Nogal Bolsa
El Nogal Bolsa 2
El Nogal Bolsa 3

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