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Angulas Río Miño: Branding & Web

Irresistible creativity for delicatessen minds

Flecha Separador

The real and authentic angulas. The ones that represent history, tradition, artisanal fishing, exclusivity, taste… With such distinguished ingredients, being able to cook a branding, packaging and website recipe for Angulas Rio Miño meeting our own high expectations, was our main challenge.
The development of the brand, originally called Benitez Fernandez SL, needed a new naming that highlighted their differential advantages: the product and the origin … In the logo design we wanted to add the emotional content, values the brand already possessed with no doubt, but remained anonymous. Tradition, experience, quality, crafts and love… the same ones as always!
The Hipster-inspired design, images and icons developed for the communication pieces of Angulas Rio Miño, as angulas packaging, brochure and website, are part of an ecosystem according to a content full of affection and sparked claims that are absolutely irresistible…

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